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Watchmaker’s Heart audiobook

New audiobook release! Just popping in to add another. I’ve been working on revisions for a new book, lately, as well as some other stuff (non-writing), mostly just refilling the well, as it were. But, I wanted to put this here, for those of you still following this old blog, instead of the new one.… Continue reading Watchmaker’s Heart audiobook

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She’s Got Dibs by AJ Nuest

My good friend AJ Nuest recently released her new novel, She’s Got Dibs. Now, I’ve watched the fate of this book for a while, and I must tell you, I’m happy to see it finally out! Woot! So, excuse me if I toss a little confetti for my friend. 🙂 Wanna know what She’s Got… Continue reading She’s Got Dibs by AJ Nuest

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The new release partying continues.

Okay, yes, I am still doing the Snoopy dance. Speaking of …. This Sweet Saturday Sample comes to you from my brand new release from The Wild Rose Press, Passion’s Sacred Dance, This shows the hero, Aaron, in a little battle to save his charge (soon to be beloved) Stacy. (FYI, Harshad is the name… Continue reading The new release partying continues.

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Author spotlight-Michael S. Fedison

Hello, everyone! I’m still working on that getting back to normal thing. In the meantime, I’ve a guest for your reading pleasure. For lovers of SF and YA , Mr. Michael S. Fedison is here to talk about his new release, The Eye-Dancers. Michael, you have the podium, sir! I want to thank Juli for giving… Continue reading Author spotlight-Michael S. Fedison

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New Release–In the Arms of an Earl

My friend  Anna’s new novel released today. Check it out: In the Arms of an Earl Anna Small English Tea Rose Composer Frederick Blakeney lost his hand in the war against Napoleon and has given up on finding someone who will love him as he is. Jane Brooke, an insecure spinster, dreams of meeting her… Continue reading New Release–In the Arms of an Earl

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My latest release….

Woot! I have some actual news: My latest dark fantasy story released in Twisted Dreams Magazine… My story, entitled “Bicycle Requiem” is about a guy who commits a hit and run….and lives to regret it! If you have a mind to, you can get the issue here (or pass the url along to friends who… Continue reading My latest release….