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Quick Note and update

  I have moved my blogging home. I’m now (back) over at Blogspot: where I find I’m babbling more often…:) About just about anything that comes to mind. So, if you’d like to keep up on all my er, notes and latest releases, I have subscription links at the bottom of the blog. They… Continue reading Quick Note and update

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Light it up blue 2–cruelty free

For today’s light it up blue segment. I’ve officially run out of blue nail polish choices now, but I hope to remedy that this weekend. For years I’ve loved funky nail colors—honey, I was painting my nails black back when it wasn’t chic to do so, because it wasn’t chic. Remember when Lita Ford was… Continue reading Light it up blue 2–cruelty free

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Another week of blue

I’ve been neck deep in final revisions this week and just finished another one for a charity anthology call for subs. But I wanted to get this in here for Tammy at Lacquer and Leather. 🙂 This was what my hands looked like the end of last week. I was invited/challenged by a gal on… Continue reading Another week of blue

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Heartbreaker Bloghop

For my heartbreaker…In my my Antique Magic series, my heroine Caitlin has  two men that twist her  into knots:  her beloved husband Trevor and well…a 150 year old ghost, a Union solider who’s just…*sigh* the perfect gentleman. 🙂 So two heartbreakers. *sigh* Have you read their story, The Artist’s Inheritance? No? Would you like to?… Continue reading Heartbreaker Bloghop

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Q and A with paranormal author Clarissa Johal

Today we have another guest for you. A fellow paranormal author, Clarissa Johal stopped by to chat with us about her new novel, BETWEEN. Welcome, Clarissa. Hi, Clarissa! Thanks for being with us, today. Why don’t you tell my readers a little about yourself and your work? How did you first become acquainted with the… Continue reading Q and A with paranormal author Clarissa Johal

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Holiday Blog Hop finale

Final day of the Indie Writers Unite Blog hop. I hope you all found some great books, and maybe bought some as Christmas gifts? If you want to see the rules for entering for the grand prize and all the authors and books involved–aside from mine–they’re up on the IWU Holiday Hop site here:… Continue reading Holiday Blog Hop finale