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Quick Note and update

  I have moved my blogging home. I’m now (back) over at Blogspot: where I find I’m babbling more often…:) About just about anything that comes to mind. So, if you’d like to keep up on all my er, notes and latest releases, I have subscription links at the bottom of the blog. They… Continue reading Quick Note and update

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She’s Got Dibs by AJ Nuest

My good friend AJ Nuest recently released her new novel, She’s Got Dibs. Now, I’ve watched the fate of this book for a while, and I must tell you, I’m happy to see it finally out! Woot! So, excuse me if I toss a little confetti for my friend. 🙂 Wanna know what She’s Got… Continue reading She’s Got Dibs by AJ Nuest

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Love in a letter–Passion’s Sacred Dance

Okay, there’s a reason for the silly post title of this Sweet Saturday Sample/Sunday Snippet. In this scene  from my new book, Passion’s Sacred Dance, Aaron’s just turned over a note to Stacy which will change everything. (It’s a little longer than the customary six paragraph but…I hope you will find it intriguing…) [Stacy] unfolded… Continue reading Love in a letter–Passion’s Sacred Dance

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Tuesday Kilts–I mean, Celts

Happy Tuesday? It is Tuesday, right? Okay, okay, girls. Stop looking under the kilts. 😉  We all know what’s under there.  Or do we? I don’t know about wearing a heavy tweed skirt in summer, do you? (Okay, so it’s sweltering here). The weather makes everything just a wee bit uncomfy, doesn’t it? Nonetheless, I… Continue reading Tuesday Kilts–I mean, Celts

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Evanescent Book Cover Reveal

Originally posted on Tarnished Gaslamps:
I’ve a special treat for you today, a book cover reveal! This by a talented YA author and pal of mine, Carlyle Labuschagne. She’s the author of the Broken series. You may have read her debut novel The Broken Destiny? Her new novel is releasing soon. Evanescent information Goodreads:…