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From the trenches 1

I know a few of my readers are writers, so…I thought you might need to know this if you didn’t. Poking around for something to do with some short story today, I found out Duotrope, that bastion of information for writers? Is now subscription only…

(Yes, I know. I haven’t looked at it in a while.) still survives though.

Also, Steampod? Closed. Steampunk Tales? Um….it’s been a long time since I checked into that one. It looks like it’s just run by one fella now and no submissions?

On Spec is closed to subs right now. Their page is a bit confusing but the bold type says “closed”.

Steampunk Magazine is currently taking non-fiction submissions, but no fiction subs.

But… *Kermit flail* Michael Moorcock’s New Worlds Magazine rose from the ashes! WOOOHOOO!!!!!

Ladies, you might be interested in this one, SQ Magazine is open to submissions. It’s run by an author we follow, Ms. Mysti Parker.

Voluted Tales Magazine looks like it’s open to Submissions. And they have a Steampunk issue forthcoming.

For the Paranormal Romance writers, Insatiable is taking submissions. And for fantasy, Conjurings is taking Fantasy submissions, if you’re interested.

That’s all I’ve found so far. I hope this helps someone.


One thought on “From the trenches 1

  1. Thanks for sharing. It’s so sad when lit journals and magazines fold. I’m also disappointed to hear Duotrope is sub-only.

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