Light it up blue–final. Marble experiment

paintitblueSo for my final post in the month, I tried water marbling. I think I showed y’all how my dry marbeling experiment came out. I’ve seen others do water marbling on youtube and elsewhere, and though I heard it was a mess, I tried it.

marbeled nails

They who said it was a mess were right. I had to clean up each nail as I went along and fouled up at least two nails in the process. So trying those again made the process even longer. These two pictures here were from my third attempt and I think it came out interesting….

Yes, there is some blue in there. I was actually surprised at how green some of it came out. Navy and orange = green, yes I know. I should’ve expected that from my art classes. 😉

In the final tally, the result I came up with was different for each nail, and it actually brought the term splatterpunk to mind, more than looking like the marble I’ve seen others achieve, despite my best attempts to mimic the technique. I just kept ending up with this film rather than the swirls I mapped out (so to speak). Not what I was hoping for. It looks more like Monet’s work than anything else and interesting in the end. (Though you can see my ringfinger there on the edge it did sorta marble correctly)   All in all I probably won’t be doing it again, given the time it takes, but it’s something a little different. Messy, messy, but different.

If you want to see what I was going for this gal does a much better job.

All in all it was an interesting month, and undoubtedly might show up on one of my characters in the future. 🙂 Not sure I’ll be blogging much more about it though, until next year’s Paint it  Blue. 😉 I think y’all have seen enough craziness to know, yeah, I’m a bit of a nail dork. *laughs*