Light it up blue and a review


This is week three, and my manicure for Monday (Okay, the weekend). This is Wet n Wild Blue Bijoux, with the dots being Sally Hansen’s X-treme Wear in Virtual Violet.

DSC00019Yes, I tried a little art. It takes a bit of experimenting but all in all, I  like how it came out. The right ring finger, that you can’t quite see there? Has a very Super Mario  Brothers Mushroom look to it. 🙂

However. Gotta say? X-treme Wear? Not. The stuff, when I use it alone, peels like a madman.


I guess you can’t see it that well, but two are peeled there. I actually seem to have a problem with this no matter what the brand. Doesn’t matter what base coat I use or top coat, eventually this happens. Huh. I guess it’s just me. Some brands I won’t buy anymore because I’ve been made aware they have Formaldehylde,  toluene DPBs, and other cancer causing agents, and some brands I’ve read test on animals. Wet N Wild was one brand that didn’t. And no, I can’t justify paying the price of some of the really high end ones when I’m not sure they won’t just peel too. I’m trying some different things, hoping that might work. We’ll see what happens. So, *throws up hands* I’m at a loss here.