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Light it up blue 2–cruelty free


For today’s light it up blue segment.


I’ve officially run out of blue nail polish choices now, but I hope to remedy that this weekend. For years I’ve loved funky nail colors—honey, I was painting my nails black back when it wasn’t chic to do so, because it wasn’t chic. Remember when Lita Ford was doing it?

Yeah. That far back.

That the fashion designers latched on to it burns my britches. (It was my little goth girl color first. Give it back!! hehe)

I’ve moved on to testing the look of other colors, white, meh. I’m okay with white. But I love dark so I use a lot of deep blackish blues and dark greens these days—and my dear favorite deep purples. *Cue Smoke on the Water* hehe The stormier the shade the better.

Now, here’s the hard part. I ran across this article last night and it said that there are three nasty ingredients some add to nail polish—DBP, Toulene and Formaldehyde. (You know, the stuff morticians embalm bodies with?) Well, these three ingredients were banned for nail polish production in 2006. Because they are toxic to humans.

Whoa. Being a nail chewer, and more importantly, having lost many family members the last few years to cancer, this gave me extreme pause. I went through my collection of polishes (I’m a polish nerd, I admit it). I had to get a magnifying glass out to read some of the lists (yeah, remember that line up there that ends “back when Lita Ford was big”? I’m officially old). Turned out, all but seven of my current collection had these pesky chemicals.

To add insult to injury a few of my favorites are bound to companies that test on animals.

Yes, I did. How did I not know this all these years?

Luckily, the company I’ve always looked to for my funky colors Wet N Wild, dumped that toxic soup and they’re animal friendly (with a name like Wet N Wild I’d be disappointed if they did any less.) and they’re readily available at the grocery store I shop at.

Point two, convenience is everything! So, hopefully I’ll find a pretty couple blues to replace the two I just had to dump. I may even look into some over at Etsy but that’ll depend on ye ole credit card. (eep!) I’ve found roughly seven other Name companies  that meet both these cruelty-free, chemical free criteria, and lots of ones on Etsy that claim the same.

(FYI just assume all my book heroines know this—especially my witches Caitlin, Beryl, Sealya, and Heather—and that they just forgot to tell Mommy, the Writer).

My jury’s out on one company I love but I don’t have any blues by them. I’m still looking into the question do they/don’t they test on animals. I hope not, but I don’t know.

In the meantime, while I figure all this out, go check out Tammy’s Light it up Blue posts. She’s hosting a giveaway, ladies. Have a happy blue day.