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Another week of blue

I’ve been neck deep in final revisions this week and just finished another one for a charity anthology call for subs. But I wanted to get this in here for Tammy at Lacquer and Leather. 🙂 This was what my hands looked like the end of last week. I was invited/challenged by a gal on the FB group (*waves to Crystal*) to try marbeling and this is how it came out. Not too bad. I wasn’t brave enough for water marbeling yet but with the help of a broken q-tip, this is how it came out.DSC00011

Nice huh? Gotta tell you though, I think my nose is getting really sensitive. My top coat (Sally Hansen’s Double Duty for you polish fans. ;)) I swear stinks to high heaven.  I think I might take to doing them outside more often than not.

Don’t forget, Tammy’s still giving away that autism bracelet. Check it out here.