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Pagan blog Prompts: Divination


The prompt for this week.

Divination…. and writing

What is divination? Generally, it’s a peeking into the future by…whatever means, crystal balls, tarot, tea leaves. What actually goes on in the process of divination? damned if I know. It’s all just guesswork, isn’t it? I’ve always considered myself a skeptic when it comes to this kind of thing–I’ve had some god-awful, totally off the mark tarot readings …(I mean, really, shouldn’t these things warn you about the bad stuff so you can try to avoid it?? That’s what seeing the future‘s all about, I thought.)  but recent times have nudged my thinking away from that.  Very recently I had a reading that blew me away and I hope it’s right.

Hell, I wrote a whole story–erm, series–around Tarot. (Ahem, House of Cards
(Reign of Tarot book one) takes a lot of tarot imagery and plays with it.)

So  with tarot cards, as you know , at least as a writing tool I’ve found it useful, particularly in finding a “path” through a story. I still haven’t found my perfect deck, yet. Though I do love the Alice Tarot images. I’ve been following it on Facebook for a while. (I love this, don’t you?)

Too bad they’re all so darned expensive. But you know, in olden days, people used plain ole playing cards as decks. I’ve tried it. It’s tough to do…anyway, there’s a particular set with a King of Cups image on the pack box I fell for…didn’t get it and I’ve never seen it since. *headdesk* The cover art was a red-haired burly man sitting on a throne, holding a Grail-like cup. He looked very Celtic to me, but damned if I can’t recall the name. It’s one of those instances where I wish I could hook a scanner to my brain and reproduce the picture in my mind. LOL It’s not the Avalon tarot (although that one is lovely); I don’t think it’s the Camelot Oracle (though that one is gorgeous too).  It was a very nice painting, almost like realism, not the stylized version like Ryder or something like that. It could be the Celtic Tarot (this one) but I don’t recall the art being like that. Could be this one, but of course, I can’t tell because they don’t show the King of Cups.

Feh! It’s one of those instances where, I know I should just do it, and when I don’t, I kick myself afterwards. This seems to happen with everything I like. She likes it? Oh! Better take it off the market, quick!”  Doesn’t matter if it’s a book or a brand of toilet paper, it always happens! How’s that for predicting the future? 😉

If anyone knows what this darned pack is, point me in the right direction!

Digressions R Us! Sorry. I’m a bit of an art geek. But, yes, divination…? It works great for plotting, if nothing else.

House of Cards: Reign of Tarot book 1

2 thoughts on “Pagan blog Prompts: Divination

  1. Thanks, Jill! I’m not so hot at it myself, truth be told, I still consult the guides for interpretations. 😉 But you know me: I never pass up an opportunity to learn something new. I’m looking forward to seeing the tools you worked into FEoS. 🙂 I hope you’re having a good week too! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Hi Juli, I enjoyed reading this. I don’t do any divination myself (would probably be horrible at it) but am fascinated by the whole idea of it. I worked in some divination tools into my book Fiery Edge of Steel but the tools are unique to the story world. My point? It was fun and I think the idea of using real world divination tools to inspire a story is pretty neat. Hope you’re having a good weekend!

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