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Pagan Blog Prompts–Just one book

PBP-new-framedpagan blog hop

The prompt for this week.

If you could recommend just one book to a newcomer, what would it be?

Alright, we all know that’s not very fair. So you can share up to 3 books that you feel all people looking to explore Paganism should read.

That’s… never a good question for a bookworm. Let’s see, if someone came to me asking what books they should read? Well, it would really depend on what they’re path is, I suppose. I started out investigating it, as I always seem to, for a story. I had the story set in Ireland and so from a friend’s recommendation I picked up anything I could by Scott Cunningham. Particularly for solitary practitioners, any book by Scott Cunningham is recommended, such as Wicca for the Solitary Practitioner.scsolitarypract

After that, I’d probably recommend the Farrars–I started out with Eight Sabbats for Witches, The Witches God and its companion The Witches’ Goddess.


For you writers, believe it or not, I’ve referenced these for stories, on occasion.

Also, though I find her a bit too political for my tastes, Starhawk’s The Spiral Dance is a good beginning book covering the more feminist aspects of Wicca.

From there you might move on to books on whatever god you happen to be most drawn to or go more in depth on the wheel of the year, or aromatherapy or herbalism, or what have you.   The possibilities are endless. 🙂 So, yeah. One book? Nigh impossible!

Good luck!