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Pagan blog prompts–home remedies

As usual, I’m late on this. The Pagan blog prompt for last week was about home remedies. Generally, I consider myself fairly healthy. I have general headaches now and then, back pain whatever. It’s the price of getting old, right? When that happens I’ll opt for good ole aspirin and heat.  Aloe, of course, is good for burns and cuts. I keep one just outside my kitchen for that. It’s also good for, believe it or not, pimples.

For colds, the tried and true sleep, chicken soup, and tea with lemon and honey help me.  I go easy on the lemon, heavy on the honey, but I have a sweet tooth. Then there’s my hubby’s grandmother who swears by gargling with vinegar mixed in about a fourth of a normal sized drinking glass of water. *ewww* (OMG, so nasty!). My dad always had us kids gargle with a glass full of salt water. Yes, they both taste awful, but you know? They work. They’re also where I got the idea that a spoonful of sugar and water might cure hiccups (might being the operative word).

"Oil" by Idea go/
“Oil” by Idea go

Got an earache? Dip a cotton ball in warm olive oil and put the wet cotton ball in your affected ear. *hand on heart* Yep, I’ve used that one all my life. Hubby thought I was nuts the first time he saw me do it, but was surprised when the earache went quickly away. *nods* Dad taught me that, and I think he must’ve got it from his Italian parents. I know it sounds odd, but I swear by it. 🙂 A little more on the olive oil line, I’ve used it for dry nails and cuticles and now and then when my skin is extra dry in  the winter. So, olive oil too. but for the aloe, sounds a bit like we’re fond of making salads around here, doesn’t it?

Anyway, that would be my list.